Disney+ pays for itself with continuous Elsa.

Other than that though, parents of small kids are astounded that Disney didn’t think continuous play was important. I mean… their core audience is kids. Some of them very young. Are there no parents in charge of any decisions at Disney? They could explain to the rest of the decision-makers exactly how little kids are not so great with a remote control and how parents occasionally like to cook meals and go to the toilet.

And what’s with the watch list? Things that go on it just kind of disappear. I saved a whole bunch of good family movies to the list only to have to search all over again. How useless.

Their old app was glitchy as anything, so this is a big improvement. However, the old app had Disney channels live for continuous entertainment and meant the kids serendipitously found new shows to love. Parents love it when kids find out about new shows.

And playlists would be great! Especially if it was like Spotify where you could find other people’s lists and shuffle play. Amazon Prime also has a random feature for shows where the order doesn’t matter. How cool would it be to tell Disney + to shuffle play a show for a few hours. Or shuffle play several shows, or all shows appropriate for the age group?

Sigh. Get more parents in your senior management, Disney!

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