Angela Randall

Replace your boredom with a world-class business education.

It starts with restlessness, then boredom. Maybe a little cleaning. A sudden urge to cook new things. Occasionally, you stand by the front window and dream about actually leaving the house. Maybe you eat traffic with sock puppets.

You know that feeling… it’s that intolerable longing to explore you get…

It’s been rough on mothers lately, what with the pandemic and all. Keep your opinions to yourself.

Since early 2020, the world as we knew it has been turned upside-down.

The simultaneous chaos and mundanity of waiting out the pandemic have driven us all a little crazy, but as vaccines have been rolled out in many countries, and rates of infection and death have dropped, attitudes to…

A Brief Reminder to Back Up Your Photos

One of the most missed items when a house burns down is collections of photos.

When hard drives die, people lose a lot of great stuff, like creative work and photos.

When relationships break down and exes no longer want to share…

It’s astounding just how differently businesses and people market themselves, especially online. What’s really difficult for most people to work out though, is how to do it for yourself in a way that actually works.

You Want To Be Well Known… But For What?

It’s funny how what makes one person stand out makes another person look gimmicky. And…

Angela Randall

Management consultant & trainer sharing inspiring ideas on business, marketing, and life. (MBA student | MCMI | ACIM | MIDM) 🌿 @AngelaSmange

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